Ark of Youth

by Able Youth

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released July 12, 2011

All songs written and recorded by Cody Ross
Executive Producer: Zech Bard
Cover Artwork: Courtney Miles
Live Visuals and Film: Mike Morris
Mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side.
This is DHR022.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Liz
the hours, they swam through our first few nights
and we stayed as long as the cement dried
and we stayed in sight of each others' colors
nothing left to wait for

elizabeth, I want you back

and I could be your prisoner
you could have your own stranger
the craving's ruined after capture
nothing left to wait for

elizabeth, I want you back
Track Name: Punk Fury
I got the rhythm on repeat
I got the bummer summer beat
I got the feelin' for the free
all I want of me, all I wanna be, be
...punk fury!

I got the grindin' in my teeth
they're bouncin' like piano keys
they're shining like the ivory
for the summer scene, stupid as I seem
...punk fury!

I got the drunkest of the feet
I got the guitars on back-feed
I got my boredom on the wing
how I want to leave, all I wanna be
...punk fury!

(hey! take a good look at yourself, kid!
and don't forget your cellphone, don't forget it!
look, this is family, this is important ...yeah...)

I got the sirens all a-scream
everyones calling the police
it's not as stupid as it seems
whats YOUR sell out fee? who are you beneath?
Track Name: When You're Away
when you're away, when you're away I'm not the same
I'm just a movement without motion
I fall apart, I fall apart across the floor
I shatter without being broken

when you're away, when you're away I dread the day
I'm just a form that's without substance
I fall apart, I fall apart I'm on my knees
I am a something but not someone

It aint the same
Track Name: Light Yearz
we're up front/light yearz up front
above the cut/light yearz above the cut
we don't want to wait, we don't want to wait for it
we don't wait for shit!